Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SenukeX crack | Don't waste your time

SenukeX tool is a automated & handy solution to web promoters. Spammers highly enjoy Senuke tools to create huge backlinks with a few clicks. No work, no time, no effort, just a few clicks allow them to spam. Google too loved SenukeX links and pushed such pages to front page.

But it doesn't provide quality. Many readers claimed that recent search results can't bring out better, optimized results, most sites seem to be cloned & spammy.

 However, some guys offered SenukeX crack. But sadly they do not provide any crack, rather they advertise their own affiliatations. This one offered a free download & showed how to use crack. But downloaded file doesn't contain promised files. When clicked the download, it directs to a webpage where they offer their pay-per-install schemes to get the crack. Its complete waste of time. Don't fall for such stupid things. Keywords: SenukeX crack, pay-per-install, automated linkbuilding

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