Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do you know these steps to run a successful social media campaign

Social media marketing is the largest marketplace presently. The four tribes - Facebook, Twitter, G+ & Linkedin grabs billions of viewers everyday. If you plan to run a business but overlook these media then you're kicking your head!

 To run a campaign, you have to:
 1. Post regular updates. Forget sales pitch or repeated tries to grab leads. Your audience will be bored & leave away. Be creative, share funny, entertaining things and corresponding updates.

 2. Interact with followers. This part is very important for a promoter. Learn to interact with them, ask questions, answer to their queries and get involved. Participate in conversation or comments and Retweet often.

 3. Raise waivers. People love waivers and you must use it to gain more clients. Try to run coupon, bonus, leaflets for your followers often. It will help you get more followers and act like word of mouth.

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