Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4 tricks to drive thousand uniques to latest blog post

How frequent you write for your blog, twice/thrice a week or more? You may noticed that all posts don't get similar traffic, some get few while some get insane hits. I'll show you how to drive thousand uniques to latest blog post using 4 quick tricks.

 1. Ping your last post. This will bring some instant traffic to your blog. I prefer Pingomatic and Pingoat.

2. Submit to RSS syndicators. Burn your RSS feed & submit to syndicators, you need to submit just once. They'll pick blog feeds automatically.

 3. Submit to content aggregators. is a leading aggregator that drives hundreds to enlisted blogs daily. Get listed.

 4. Share your post in Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google plus and Enjoy instant visitors today.

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