Thursday, October 29, 2009

Safe And Sure Ways To Earn $500-$5000 every month

Is it possible to earn from internet for your living? The most frequent questions are ‘is it legitimate’, ‘can we make’, ‘can we make our living’?

Since it was introduced to the world in 1995, the internet has quickly changed the way we live. For instance: back in 1994, whoever thought they will be enjoying the latest album of their favourite pop star without having to go to a record shop? Back in 1994, whoever thought that those voluminous hardbound encyclopedias would be next to obsolete to find any information in just seconds? Back in 1994, whoever thought that we can keep in touch with friend and relatives many miles away by writing them letters they can receive in a matter of seconds (or even less)? Back in 1994, whoever thought that terms like downloads, uploads, Skype, Google, MySpace, and NSFW will be invented, and in fact, become accepted parts of our language system?

The internet has evolved our lives in so many ways – including how we can make a living. Indeed, there are many ways by which one can earn from the World Wide Web. If you want to learn how to make money online – legal and real money – then read on, dear friend.

Below are some opportunities that are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online:

 Sell stuff over at eBay: This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to learn how to make money online. You can sell anything on eBay, the web’s largest auction site. With more than 20 million page views per day, eBay is a great venue for whatever you may decide on selling. Have some extra stuff lying around in the house? Sell it! No matter how worthless it may seem for you, it will be worth something for someone else. Better yet, find a wholesaler who will agree to sell to you his products at wholesale prices without a minimum order and who will only need you as a broker for his marketing campaigns. Such a wholesaler is called a dropshipper.

Sell your own products: If you can create physical or digital products (eBooks, special reports, software programs, etc.), you can sell them on the web via established merchant sites like the, or via your own website. You keep all the profit!

Sell another merchant’s products for some commission: If you cannot, or don’t want, to create your own products, you can opt to sell someone else’s products and earn a commission per sale. This is called affiliate marketing, and it can be one of the most profitable opportunities when you decide to learn how make money online.  

Earn via Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. Create a website or a blog. Create an account over at Google AdSense or other PPC programs. Integrate the user-specific code they will provide. Drive traffic to your website or blog. Watch as the PPC program displays contextually relevant ads that will allow you to earn every time a visitor clicks on them.

Earn via Cost Per Action (CPA) programs. The problem with PPC programs is that they only pay miniscule amounts per click. If you want to earn substantial profit via this business model, you’d have to drive an amazing volume of traffic to your website. CPA programs are different. They will ask your visitors to perform a specific action – usually signing up to a mailing list – and they will pay you every time a visitor of yours fulfills such an a required action. Payouts range from a few cents to as high as $5 per action performed.

Sell your services online. Can you write web content? Can you write sales pages? Can you create software programs? Can you create fantastic graphics? Can you build websites? Sell your services via established freelancing websites like, and Online freelancing is the new face of telecommuting.

Freelance website plays a vital role to provide jobs to those who seek good amount of income working from home. By doing a job you can make $150-$750. If you can perform 3 jobs per month then you can earn $500-$5000 easily every month. Registration is absolutely free, means you don’t have to pay a single penny to get a job.

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