Monday, July 27, 2009

Managed Hosting helps you grow your business

In the quick changing fashioned technology everyday newer tech-savy products are brought out. To keep pace with this ever changing technologies is a huge task demanding information, vast knowledge, technical skills, keen observations. That’s where managed hosting can help.

Your business are always challenged with limited budgets and in-house resources while still being required to discover innovative and efficient ways to make your business more agile and productive. With managed hosting services, you can enjoy all the benefits of enterprise-class infrastructure without making a huge upfront investment. Managed hosting provides enhanced operational efficiency, scalability, and improved resource utilization - all while reducing overall your IT costs.

More importantly, managed hosting services allows you to focus on your core business activities, as the service provider proactively runs, manages, monitors and updates all the components of the IT environment – from servers, networks, databases, and operating systems, to your business applications.

The most common services offered by managed hosting providers include, but are not limited to:

Network & Security Management:
To establish and maintain the reliable and secure network connections your business operations depend on, managed hosting services typically provide you with 24x7 monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.

Remote Monitoring & Management :
Perhaps the most important managed hosting package is remote monitoring and management. To secure the optimal performance and quick restoration of your critical technology resources, remote monitoring and management services provide you with 24x7 support for a wide spectrum of IT applications and infrastructure – regardless of your location.

Database Management:
Database management services normally provide you with the complete database administration, 24x7 monitoring of database performance, securing database servers, pinging between client & server, increase backup efficiencies and continuing support for database applications.

Web Hosting:
For managed web hosting options your websites are always up and running, web hosting services typically include access to IT infrastructure, enhanced network connectivity, 24x7 monitoring and management, huge storage space, huge email accounts, never ending bandwidth, security and guaranteed uptime.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery:
To safeguard business data and ensure quick data recovery in case of sudden data loss or a system failure is possible with data protection and disaster recovery. Covering a wide variety of needs, this type of service by and large includes individual services such as technology consulting, disaster recovery hosting, and data protection, to a full disaster recovery turnkey solution.

Storage Management:
Storage services usually include end-to-end management of the storage environment through storage, maintenance, and data recovery elements in easy and economic ways.

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