Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get 1000 subscribers to your blog in 30 days

It is very difficult to get subscribers to your blog, turns extreme when you want to grow your blog popularity quick. However, you can attain over 1000 subscribers to your blog with my own experienced way.

The scenario is very common, you started a blog but not getting any subscriber to your blog. The situation worsens to the new bloggers who joins the blogosphere recently. In addition, those who want to expand his business with accordance with blog, feels more unsecured. I will teach you step by step how to get over 1000 subscribers to your blog in less than 30 days.

First, plan for your blog, decide which contents you are going to offer to your audience. It is extremely important for a blogger. Assume that you are an expert writer on laptop, but you started writing on travel, after some days you will not get enough idea to convert into content. Therefore, you must have to decide about your blog from the very beginning. Once decided, choose an attractive domain name for your blog. Using google adwords tool you can predict most searched keywords, based on the research select an appropriate domain name.

Second, make an eye-catching blog with attractive design. Many people just come repeatedly to one blog for excellent layout, and artistic people often browse your blog to get idea. A well niche designed blog appeals for long term while most ugly blogs drop out within months. The, you have to design your blog content in a way that users can find topics with a few clicks. Make a layout to ease user navigation. Try to use less widget, avoid flash & large graphics to make your blog load faster. If your blog loads after 3 minutes, no reader will come back to your blog in near future.

Third, write unique content, focus to interesting topics. Try to write blog in an interesting way, people hate boring blogs, as they are everywhere. Use your creativity to make something new and appealing to your readers. Avoid so common practices, common talks. Always, explain the details of any topic you are writing, interlink related topics, highlight important sentences. In addition, list most popular topics in a side to let users judge the inner world of your writing.

Fourth, promote your blog. There are hundreds of free ways to promote your blog and reach before billions of users on the internet. Article submission, press release, forum posting, blog comments, traffic exchange, social networks (facebook, myspace), social bookmarking (digg, reddit) are the most common traffic building methods. You can send emails to your friends and known people with signature links at the bottom of emails.

Fifth, use viral marketing, offer something free to your audience. If you are a writer, then offer your ebook free, ask them to subscribe to your blog in order to receive free ebook.

Applying the above methods, you can easily get over 1000 subscribers to your blog in less than 30 days. Make sure that your blog possesses unique and interesting content to keep readers attracted and come back often.

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