Saturday, July 25, 2009

Megan fox poses for web hosting company for million dollars

Web hosting companies are becoming wealthy as well as powerful day by day. Their tremendous success in business mine is beyond doubt, even during the great financial

crisis for last 2 years. They took another bold step to grow their business fusion even into Hollywood industry.

Megan fox, one of the most popular Hollywood actress who is well known for famous tattoos, videos, magazine covers. Currently she has been endorsed to a leading web hosting company.

Her manager told that she is going to pose for a gorgeous hot photo session for the web hosting company in California beach soon. And she is going to make $1.2 million for endorsement every year along with transport facility to any area of USA. Although he didn’t reveal the name of the web hosting company but confirmed that the deed is complete.

He further added that Megan Fox likes to pose for web hosting companies either managed or dedicated web hosting as she prefers managed web hosting for her great fans to accommodate bandwidth efficiently. She once told that its her hobby to seat for something that communicates all sorts of people altogether, pack the happiness as well as sorrows, extends support for each other. And web hosting firms do the same, they collaborate the entire world packed together, that’s why she like it so much.

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